Agents’ Information

  1. Support for Agents. Agents who entrust their students to Waterford Academy are of prime importance to the success of our company. We therefore provide Agents with a high level of support at all times before and during programmes.
  • If you want to become a WAE Agent, please send your details to and we will enter into dialogue with you.
  • If you have enquiries about programmes, prices and bookings, please contact those listed below.
  • If you have any issues or suggestions about our programmes please contact us. We are very open to new proposals and will work with you to develop the programme you wish. We will deal with any issues that arise speedily and efficiently.
  • Our programme is designed in such away that we can be very flexible about arrivals and departures.
  • Because we are recognised by ACELS, we can assist you in getting study visas for your students if required.
  • We will do our best to provide you with marketing support in your country.
  1. Contact details for different programmes and Centres.

(a) For Hello Ireland Teenagers Programme. Details are given on or you may contact Mr Paraic Fanning at

 (b) For the Centres in Dublin and Wexford are linked to WAE for accreditation and quality assurance.  For all bookings and business matters, please make direct contact.

(c ) For all other programmes either e-mail or telephone Mr McCormick at 00 353 87 232 7263

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Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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