English, Environment and Biodiversity (Code HI 010)


There is a strong demand in Ireland for English Summer programmes for EU teenagers, especially those from Italy and Spain.  Hello Ireland has provide  such  programmes for the past four years (see Hello Ireland Teenagers Programme – code HI 006).  This has been very successful.

Normally the general teenagers  programmes comprise morning classes in English and a range of sporting activities and outings in the afternoon and evenings.  The average age of students is around 14 years (ranging from 11 to 19).

The Hello Ireland Board  has observed that there is a cohort of older teenagers who have attended such programmes in Waterford or in other places for two or more years and are starting to find their content repetitive.

We carried out a market survey with this group of teenagers in Summer 2011 and the results showed there would be a strong interest in a different type of programme, focusing on particular themes or activities. The activity may be related to the student’s future studies in university.

In discussions with students who have completed Hello Ireland general English and activities Summer programmes, we have identified strong demand for the following themes of interest.

  • English, Environment and Biodiversity
  • English and  Media (TV and Radio)
  • English Literature , Drama
  • Soccer camp through English
  • English and Outdoor Pursuits.

A growing body of research supports the experiential learning of languages which utilises the whole brain. The benefits include:

  • Provision of “real” contexts for language learning
  • Opportunities to listen to  specialists using English in context
  • Opportunities to practice language and take risks with new vocabulary and idiom in an enjoyable and non-threatening situation
  • Opportunities to become fluent in a theme which interests the student and build confidence.

It has been a serious criticism of Summer language programmes that  visiting students do not have the opportunity to meet Irish students.  For the themed programmes listed above, we plan to include Irish students in the themed activities.

Overview of the English, Environment and Biodiversity Programme (Code HI 010)

As the title suggests the focus of the language and activities will be on this theme.

There will be around 7 class contact hours per day and the average day will comprise:-

  • A 2 hour English Class focusing on the topic for the day, familiarising students with the associated vocabulary and idiom.
  • A one hour presentation  and discussion by an expert on this topic.
  • A visit to an area where students can see examples of the topic of the day. They may have a guided tour or they may be required to collect biological data.
  • If they have collected data, they may visit the Irish National Biodiversity Record Centre, located in Waterford, where they can enter the data in the computer database, thereby seeing Biological date recording  in action..

An important aspect of the programme is that we plan to include Irish students in the expert class and the related outing / activity.

Here are some examples of the themes and activities we plan to include:-

  • Over view of the Geography, Geology and Biology or Ireland.
  • Introduction to Biological Data Recording.
  • Coastline environments (Waterford has a  Heritage Geo-park coastline)
  • Coastal Mammal and Birdlife life (boat trip)
  • Field and Woodland Life (data collecting)
  • Irish Bogs , visit to Fenor Bog, a nature reserve.
  • Mountains and glaciation (hill walk to Coumshignaun, a corrie lake)
  • Forests, lakes and rivers.

Admission Criteria

  • Age 16-19 years years.
  • Should have completed at least three years of English in School.
  • At least Intermediate level competence in English.
  • A strong interest in this theme.

English Programme and Themed Instruction

This is provided by Waterford Academy of Education, which is recognised by the Irish Department of Education for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

All English teachers in WAE are graduates, hold a TEFL Certificate and have experience of working with young people.

Local Experts will provide classes on the topic of the day and will provide an escort for the group for related  activities,.

Group Size :  15 to 20 students.

Activities Programme.

Most of the activities relating to the theme are built into the programme and keep the students busy all day.

In the evenings and at weekends., the students join other Hello Ireland students.

Please refer to the Activities section of our website for details

One very special outing planned for this group is a visit to the Irish National Botanic Gardens in Dublin.

Accommodation and Full Board

This is provided in Manor Village.  For full details of this excellent facility, please visit the accommodation section of our web site.

Starting Date.

Most Hello Ireland programmes start on Wednesdays so that students can avail of lower airfares and less busy airports and transfers. It also allows students two full weekends to enjoy their stay in Ireland.

This themed programme  will start on Wednesday  July 11th,

Duration 2 weeks,

Waterford Academy of Education,
Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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