Hello Ireland Teenagers Programme (Code HI006)


This programme is designed for young people aged 12 to 17years, who are learning English in school and who wish to improve their skills in an English speaking setting.  The aims of the programme are :-

  • To develop communication skills, through formal classes and through use of English in daily life.
  • To re-inforce  learning of grammar and syntax
  • To improve listening and writing skills.
  • To develop some independent living skills in a safe setting
  • To have opportunities for sports and recreation.
  • To learn about the culture and heritage of Ireland.

The balance in the programme is therefore about 50% informal learning through activities  and 50% formal learning in the classroom.

On arrival a placement test will be administered and based on the results, students will study in a group who are at the same level.

Levels offered include:

  • Elementary
  • Pre-Intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Upper intermediate.

Advanced level students are advised to consider our English Examination Class (TIE).

Admission Criteria

Age 12 to 18 years.

Should have completed at least one year of English in School.

English Programme

This is provided by Waterford Academy of Education,  which is recognised by the Irish Department of Education for the teaching of English as a Foreign Language.

All teachers in WAE are graduates, hold a TEFL Certificate and have experience of working with young people.

Formal English classes are run for 17 hours per week for 2 weeks..

Average class size is 15 students.

Since language is all about communication, classes will be very interactive and learning will be fun.  Teachers will use a variety of methods and media to encourage participation.

In addition to classroom English, participants will have daily access to computers.  They will prepare individual illustrated blogs recording their experiences and learning.  These blogs can be viewed by family and friends at home.  They will also have access to on-line English resources and e-mail.

At the end of the programme each student will sit a test to show how much their English has improved during their stay.  They will be awarded a certificate which states that they attended and improved their English.

In the afternoons and at weekends, there is a busy schedule of activities and outings to suit all tastes.  These include sports, music, library,  games, movies.  The excursions will include seaside, mountains, castles and shopping.  View all our  Cultural activities , Sports activites and Social activities on offer.

Participants will have full-board in a nearby student village which offers single and double rooms with en suite facilities and internet access.  This facility has a 24 hour reception and supervision to ensure the safety and welfare of all participants in our programmes. View the Services we offer.

Activities Programme.

This is one of the most varied and innovative programmes on offer in Ireland.

Activities and outings are organised for afternoons, evenings and weekends. This year we are offering three optional sets of activities A , B or C.

Please refer to the Activities section of our website for details

Accommodation and Full Board

This is provided in Manor Village.  For full details of this excellent facility, please visit the accommodation section of our web site.

Starting Dates.

Most Hello Ireland programmes start on Wednesdays so that students can avail of lower airfares and less busy airports and transfers. It also allows students two full weekends to enjoy their stay in Ireland.

Groups start on the following Wednesdays:

July 4th,
July 11th,
July 18th and
July 25th.

Duration 2 weeks,

Waterford Academy of Education,
Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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