Intensive Academic and Conversational English for Pre-Erasmus Exchange Students (Code HI003)

This programme is mainly for EU students planning to undertake a semester or year in an English speaking University or Institute in Ireland or the UK.  It will assist them to develop confidence in listening, speaking and writing English and will enhance their ability to succeed academically and gain credit towards their degree.  A parallel programme of activities has been designed to introduce them to living independently in a new country. 

Admission Criteria
In order to join this programme students should normally have :-

  • completed at least 3 years study of English
  • have achieved at least Intermediate level English with good grades

It is not essential to have an organised Erasmus placement  and some students attend just to improve their English before returning to their home University.


Teachers are all graduates with TEFL certification and experience in EFL teaching.  Classes are interesting and interactive and utilise a wide range of modern teaching and learning aids.

Duration and Dates

The programme duration is 2 weeks.
Classes  will commence on Monday 13th August 2012.

Curriculum , Timetable – Academic and Activities

This programme will comprise 22 hours per week of formal English classes  spread over two weeks.  It is focused on the practical language and academic skills required for:-

  • Listening and note taking.
  • Classroom conversations – questioning and joining discussions.
  • Academic writing – essays and reports.
  • Using the Library and IT system.
  • On-Line English supports and resources.
  • Doing examinations through English.

In addition, there is an informal English and adaptation programme, over four afternoons per week.

There are two important aspects of this part of the programme

  • students will be given opportunities to use the English language in settings outside the classroom.  These include – visits to a Doctor’s surgery, going shopping, using the gymnasium and sports facilities, using public transport, a visit to the police station.
  • students develop confidence and awareness of living a student in another country. This includes keeping themselves healthy and safe at all times.

In the evenings and weekends there will be opportunities for sports, games, films, social evenings.  At the weekend there will be an outing to Dublin.

Students transferring to Universities and Institutes outside Waterford, will be assisted with their moving arrangements.

Accommodation and Catering

Classes will take place in Waterford Institute of Technology  and students will stay in WIT student apartments at Manor Village.
Please refer to the accommodation section of this web site for details.

Waterford Academy of Education,
Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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