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Studying at a private high school in Ireland will provide an unrivalled foundation for the future goals of young people, whether professional or personal. The schools selected all have excellent academic records and a good range of extra-curricular activities.   Studying overseas helps young people to extend their horizons, improve their English and grow in confidence.  English is accepted as the key language for communication in business, science and education around the world. Attending a school in Ireland allows  full language immersion in the  school community. Through classroom experiences, ESL support and conversations with friends, language improves rapidly and naturally.

WAE works in partnership with overseas agents to assist parents to place their teenagers in the most appropriate Irish private schools and we will provide the local expertise to support the student at all time and to give parents peace of mind.

WAE Support for Student Placement

  • Waterford Academy of Education works as an intermediary between the student and their local representative to streamline the selection and application process. 
  • WAE helps find the right school for each student.
  • WAE will meet the student when he/she arrives in Ireland and ensure he/she arrives safely at the school.
  • WAE will introduce the student to the new school and help him/her to settle into the new environment.
  • WAE will be always on hand to advise and  assist the student should he/she have any difficulties.
  • WAE will organize accommodation in either boarding school or in homestay.
  • WAE will advise on local services e.g. buses.
  • WAE  can provide additional English Language support if required.
  • WAE can  assist you with plans for weekends, vacations and other short breaks.
  • WAE can provide guidance about future study and careers.

Student Placement Structure (academic)

Irish schools operate on a six-year cycle.

  • For the first 3 years (ages 12-15) students prepare for a middle school examination, the Intermediate Certificate.  
  • In many Irish private schools, Year 4 is called “transition year”. During this year, students take a break from examination preparation and attend a programme of developmental activities, designed to expose students to a wide range of activities and allow them time to reflect on their future choices.
  • In years 5 and 6 (aged 16-18) students prepare for the national school leaving examinations.

Each year is divided into three terms.

  • Autumn / Winter – September to December
  • Winter / Spring – January to March
  • Summer – April to June

Visiting students are strongly advised to attend for either one full year or at least one whole term.

Most schools prefer visiting students to attend for the Autumn / Winter term as September is the natural start to the year.

Some students enjoy the examinations years, while others prefer the transition year experience.

Student placement (accommodation)

Students can live in either

  • Boarding school or
  • Stay with a family in their home.



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