Student Group Testimonials

As each group finished its two week programme, students completed a written evaluation. This provides us with valuable feedback which we use to improve the programme each year. Here is an assortment of student comments.

“I think this has been the best English course of my life; I have been to courses in London, Scotland and Malta”.

“I loved watching the film Monster’s inc and being able to understand it in English.”

Doing blogs is a very good idea. It helped me use the computer menus in English and improved my writing skills”.

“In this two weeks I had a lot of fun in Ireland and I want to return next year. School is very good and my English has improved a lot”

“The English teachers are fantastic!”

“Thanks for this opportunity. I love you!!!”

“Writing blogs is so coooool!”

I loved the treasure hunt to Waterford city. We learned to read signs and we got to talk to real Irish people”.

“The best thing for me was the treasure hunt. It helped me for situations which happen during other holidays , for example asking for information from people.”

“I want to say that this thing has been beautiful and I want to come back”

“ The programme is very well organised and the teaching is brilliant”.

“I love singing funny Irish songs”

“I enjoyed speaking English and learning new vocabulary. This course has helped me very much”.

“ I can’t believe we read a novel in English.!I did not know the author of Dracula was Irish. I loved it”.

“It was so much fun. I loved modern fairy tales – we laughed a lot”.

“I loved the logical games we played. We had to talk and think in English. I want **** to be my teacher in Rome!”

Before I came to Ireland I studied the English Language in Egypt for about 13 years at school then at college, So I knew all about language skills and language system as well, But coming to Ireland made me practice this language with native speakers which really improved my language. We had an excellent group of teachers, They were really willing to help us and answer all our questions in a very easy way to make language much easier to us, They were very friendly as well and joined us on our trips, They taught us the English language in a very communicative way and They were very friendly as well.

Staying at Manor Village was wonderful. It’s a very nice and cozy place and clean as well. The apartments were designed in a way to keep you with your friends but still you can have privacy in your own room, which also got internet connections. I loved the kitchen because it contained everything anyone would ever need to prepare a meal. Manor village also have a very nice games room.

Ireland is really a nice country, I almost knew nothing about it until I came and went to those trips and visited all those places which made me and my friends know a lot about Irish history and culture. What I really loved about Ireland is the Irish people; people are really friendly, They always treated us in a kindly way and they were always willing to help us. I love Ireland and Irish people and I wish I can come again and stay there for the rest of my life.

Yomna Essa,
Egyptian student of Hello Ireland Undergraduate programme, 2010.

I was a student at Waterford Institute of Technology while Dr Venie Martin was Head of International Development. With regard to my experience with WIT and specially the support provided by Dr Martin, I am very pleased to provide this testimonial.

Stating from arrival and induction program up to the completion of my MBA I enjoyed every part of my student life. While working at WIT Dr Martin took a great care of all international students. She usually gives advice to students and regularly monitored our wellbeing. Venie organised many cultural parties which really made as feel as if we are at home away from home. She not only organised these parties but also participated in them. She also organised many trips and outing for international students.

She actively promoted the international students cause. She has an extensive knowledge in international culture and has visited many countries to learn the society and its culture. She acted as an advocate for international students, whatever difficulties they encountered. Personally she helped us to open the WITSAS , a society promoting the interest of South Asian cultural, and to build a social ties at Waterford institute of Technology with these countries. As the head of International office she showed a very good leadership skill and I know she will bring this to bear on her new venture, Waterford Academy of Education. I feel very comfortable recommending this Academy to any international student.

Liju Joseph (former student from Kerala, India)
Manager , Maxworth International Pty Ltd, Australia

I’m Caroline. I come from Brazil. First of all, I’d like to say the opportunity of writing about my experience in the Waterford Academy of Education is a great honour. I not only learnt English, but also the culture and lifestyle of the Irish people.
In the classes I had a fantastic time with extrovert classmates and competent teachers. This year I’ve started to do an undergraduate business course in WIT and I couldn’t have done it without WAE.
I’m really glad to have had this experience and just wanted to say a big thank you to the Waterford Academy of Education!!!

Caroline Neves,
Brazilian Student of Pre-University English Programme 2010

I am Nisreen and I am from Saudia Arabia. I live in Waterford and I like Ireland very much. The weather is wonderful & the nature is so attractive. Irish people are so friendly & kind.
I have worked with Waterford Academy as a teacher’s assistant for Saudi students because I have a degree in English Language especially in translation. This was a great experience for me. The classes are really good & the teachers are highly qualified and know how to help students to improve their language. I want to thank Dr.Venie and Mr Ken for that chance which meant a lot for me. It was really a good experience and helped me to get a place in a Masters degree in Language teaching at WIT.

Saudi Arabia

Teacher Testimonial

I worked at Waterford Academy of Education from April 2010 until February 2011 and enjoyed my time there immensely.  I worked with Saudi Arabian ladies during the year and Egyptian teenagers in the summer school with the “Hello Ireland” programme, which is affiliated to W.I.T. I had a fantastic management team to work with, which really helped me in executing my classes and bringing my creativity into my lesson plans. Furthermore, I had access to excellent resources, such as a fantastic library of books to use in class. The approach in W.A.E is to provide students with a fun and unique way of learning and this was done, both in the classroom and on various excursions throughout the year. I absolutely loved my time teaching at the Academy and would have no hesitation in reapplying for a position when I return from travelling Australia.

Beth O’Regan

Waterford Academy of Education,
Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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