Waterford Academy of Education is a private institution located in the beautiful ancient city of Waterford in the South East of Ireland. Its mission is to provide high quality, affordable educational opportunities for learners from overseas. While there is a strong focus on English Language Programmes there is also an emphasis on Irish culture and heritage. The two owner/directors have together accumulated eighty years experience in Irish education, both at secondary and third level. They are dedicated to the provision of a stimulating learning environment and cultural experience.

Carriganore Campus

Carriganore Campus

The ethos of Waterford Academy of Education is student-centred, and therefore from the moment you express an interest in any of our programmes you will be treated as a special person –

• First class educational advice regarding your choice of programme.
• Professional support in the processing of study visa applications.
• Assistance with accommodation.
• Advice and support if you encounter academic, social or personal difficulties.
• If required, you will be met at the airport.
• Professional career guidance at the conclusion of your programme.

WAE College Street Campus

College Street Campus

Waterford Academy strongly believes that the most effective approach to learning the English language comes through a combination of formal teaching in the classroom and informal outings, activities and interests. Each programme has a wide range of associated social and cultural opportunities for learning.
The Academy has well established links to many state and private universities, institutes and schools throughout Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Often the best way to decide about a school is to consider feedback from former students.


WAE Centres in Dublin and Wexford.

Because of its excellent record and the experience of the owners of WAE we have been permitted by the Department of Education, through ACELS, to provide accreditation as Centres for two new English Schools. They are Ireland’s Eye Language Agency in Dublin and Kingsford Langusge and Equestrian Centre in Wexford. WAE has reviewed all aspects of the operation of these centres and has been satisfied that they meet all the accreditation and recognition requirements of ACELS. The provision at each Centre is monitored continuously by WAE.


Waterford Academy of Education,
Lime Hill
Phone: 00 353 87 232 7263

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