Why Waterford

Waterford is the fifth largest city in Ireland and is located in the beautiful South East Region, just two hours south of the capital city, Dublin. It is one of the most historic Irish cities settled originally by native Irish and followed by waves of invaders from Northern Europe.

Waterford Historic City

Historic City

Because of the strategic location at the head of a long navigable estuary, it was a walled city and remnants of these walls and towers have been carefully restored and preserved.

In addition to its interesting history, students and visitors find Waterford provides great opportunities for shopping, recreation and relaxation. There is also a vibrant arts scene centred on music, art and theatre.

Waterford Theatre Royal

Waterford Theatre Royal

Waterford is connected to Dublin by motorway and by rail.

The city is well known for its industry and employment opportunities. The most well known are manufacturing (e.g. Bausch and Lomb), Pharmaceutical (e.g. Genzyme) and Information Technology Software and Services (e.g. Sun Life and AOL). Waterford Academy is networked with many of these industries and can arrange interesting learning opportunities for its students.

Waterford Crystal

Waterford Crystal

Waterford is the Capital of the South East Region. Within 30 kilometres of the city, students can access a beautiful coastline with small resorts, beaches, marinas and fishing ports.

Tramore Sky

Tramore Sky- Photo Courtesy of David Staker

The core of the region is mountainous providing opportunities for orienteering, hill walking and rock climbing. Between the mountains and the sea lies rich agricultural valleys where fresh organic food is grown and sent to market.

Tramore Sunset

Beautiful Sunset- Photo Courtesy of David Staker

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